GC Resource Files: The RAVEN helicopter

This craft was introduced into the H.U.N. forces in the later years of the Bug Wars. Its main purpose was stealth intrusion and land vehicle support. Along with the heavy tank “Armadillo” it proved to be an invaluable asset, disrupting enemy communications and other specific targets deep inside enemy territory.
Just before the Nebulon invasion, five star engineer Kit Bricksto was hired by the H.U.N. to improve it and incorporate new technology into the helicopter. The results were staggering. A payload of four Karkaroff missile bombs was added on each side of the main hull body and the old H-44 machine gun was replaced with the new Heavy Cannon laser blaster, capable of a fire rate of 600 energy cells per minute. But the main alteration was the incorporation of the two new silent engines near the back rudder. Not only the helicopter became faster, it also proved to be as quiet as a church mouse.