GC Resource Files: Personnel


She was the youngest Phd in the history of H.U.N. Central University, and since then she became a prominent scientist, that lead many teams to several important discoveries, including cures and developments in the biological department. She was single picked to join the Doubleaxe crew because she is the best in her field of expertise. But don’t let yourself be fooled by her frail appearance as she received full training and is more than capable of handling herself. She is Kord’s love interest and she likes him too though they both deny it vehemently. She thinks of him as a reckless, childish and spoiled brat but can’t help herself worrying about him


She is also a veteran from the Bug Wars, but not nearly as old as Wulf. By that time she was quite young and joined the H.U.N. forces to seek adventure. As an expert sniper she gained recognition amongst her fellow comrades at arms and a reputation of a cold hearted operative. But she is in fact only looking for some affection, specially Volk’s who has always been a love interest although she constantly hides it behind her stern Russian accent.


 The engineer of he Doubleaxe and ground vehicle designated driver.  He has a profound knowledge of every single gear of the ship. He can fix anything if given the right tools and spare parts. He is also somewhat clumsy but like magic, everything turns out fixed and solved. Regardless, he is an expert tank driver. The “Armadillo” tank is where he sleeps… beds are too uncomfortable for him. Oh… and he hates flying… don’t tell him he’s on a ship.


She is the deck tactical adviser and always the voice of reason and wisdom. She serves the Galaxy Command faithfully analyzing every battle situation thoroughly and providing the best route or alternative. Above that she is also a skilled warrior, trained in the old kendo sword fighting art. Nobody knows how, but she smuggled her precious silver katana to her quarters. Better not mess with her as, like Volk, she too has a bit of a temper when people do not agree with her.


Volk is the ultimate soldier/commando with an extraordinary touch for bombs, guns, mechs and…fireworks. Despite his rudeness and lack of social skills, he is the strength element in the team. His preferred weapon when he is not in his mech, is the 66-power shotgun – as he always says – “At least I’ll always hit something with this”. Volk is also great company and always has a bad joke stored away for every situation.

Commander Wulf

He is the highest ranked officer in the H.U.N. fleet. He was given charge of the ultimate destroyer ship ever built – the DOUBLEAXE. A medal awarded veteran from the Bug Wars, he is father to Kord, but the resemblance ends there. He is very strict concerning rules but knows when it is of advantage to break them. He is the leader of the Galaxy Command and his fellow commandos look up to him.