Friday, February 1, 2013

--- excerpt form the 329th Earth Chronicle---

--- Entry: Commodore Wulf, Commander of the Doubleaxe ---

H.U.N. – The Humanity’s United Nations - had explored the solar system to its full extent. In its attempt to reach other systems and galaxies, the H.U.N.’s space marine forces made contact with a hostile alien force. These strange creatures were formed of some sort of black mater and when destroyed they created a devastating yet controlled implosion – thus they were called the “BLACK HOLES”.
After being expelled by this newfound enemy, from the Venix star system, H.U.N. forces believed the aliens intended to invade Earth and conquer the entire solar system. As all of the current Earth technologies were not able to defeat the Black Holes, the H.U.N. decided to create a special task force unit that would be able to defeat this dreadful enemy once and for all: THE GALAXY COMMAND.
Two decades passed and the first sight of the enemy was near Pluto’s perimeter defence shield. H.U.N.’s forces were obliterated in a matter of minutes. The enemy contacted the H.U.N. headquarters and informed them that they were the expeditionary invasion fleet of the NEBULON EMPIRE and that they should surrender immediately or be destroyed.
H.U.N. unleashed the GALAXY COMMAND along with its warships. A massive battle took place in the vicinity of Saturn – The Great Saturn Battle.
During this great battle, H.U.N.s forces suffered heavy casualties. All seemed lost but the galaxy commandos jumped into action and repelled the first wave of invaders. We were hailed as saviours, but only for a brief moment. When the second wave came, only the DOUBLEAXE made a stand while all other ships were destroyed.
The H.U.N. decided to surrender, knowing it would be futile to resist and risk extermination… but not before issuing us a final secret order -“To the DOUBLEAXE … Seek refuge among the stars… find allies to aid us in the resistance that we will have to endure… then come back to us as liberators… you are now the last shred of Humanity’s freedom… you are our last hope… H.U.N. – signing out – permanently”…
And so it was with reluctance that I commanded the DOUBLEAXE to follow orders and make a blind jump into hyperspace… we escaped… but we cannot forget those who stayed behind… I can only hope that one day we will be able to return and save our home.
Commodore Wulf, signing out…

---Entry finished---