GC Resource Files: The C.C.S. GRYPHON

Also named “Big Bird”by its pilots, the Carrier Class Shuttle Gryphon has long been the warhorse of the H.U.N. forces. It was conceived, even before the Bug Wars, as a troop carrier vehicle, able to deploy forces in the front line. For that purpose it was fully covered in heavy armour plating and it had the fastest turbo jet engines available at the time. This ship eventually suffered several changes and modification during the course of the war.
Just prior to the Nebulon invasion, the H.U.N.’s Technology department, lead by prominent Dr. Reekardoo, gave it a complete makeover. Besides incorporating a payload of four Stinger Bombs on each wing, the new Laser Charge Blasters were added to the Gryphon – capable of causing havoc on a capital ship. Also, it possessed a new targeting system that was near flawless, along with the traditional eight seventh generation Bullseye missiles. It’s armour plating was reinforced and the new Atlas power engines were used, making it faster than ever while still providing enough room for four commandos plus a pilot.