GC Intelligence: Void Raider

This deadly two-pilot fighter was the main motive for the H.U.N. ultimate defeat at the Great Saturn Battle. It’s agility and speed was more than a match for most human pilots.
Very little is known concerning these ships. However, battle reports by the Double-Axe’s central computer reported this ship to have 3 sources of firepower. The first one stood on his front pads – a deadly laser stream gun with unbelievable power. These pads appear to be also some sort of landing gear device. The second one was a rocket launcher with unknown rocket missiles on each side of the main hull body. Finally another blaster gun shot power cells, again, each weapon on each of the hull’s body.
Also noticeable was the great power engine, from which red energy was expelled, and from which the ship got all its power and speed. This ship was hailed as void fighter or void raider because not only was it deadly leaving nothing but emptiness in its path, but also because, as its pilots, once critically hit it imploded creating great devastation. A terrible weapon of destruction.